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Shining Hope for the Future
By Matthaus Aristo M. Fontanilla (Word Document)

 TLC Teachers, TLC staff members and fellow TLC schoolmates, good morning.

 I stand before you today representing the sun. The sun represents hope. The sun also represents energy.

 Like the sun, we the students of TLC, like other Filipino children, represent the hope of the Philippines. I stand committed to that dream by doing two little things that every TLC student should do:

 First, improve academic performance to a level that makes our school and family proud.

 Second, be a good Christian through prayers and good behavior.

 Like the sun, we, the students of TLC, are blessed with so much energy that we can use to study, play and pray. With this blessing, I commit to doing two things:

 First, to always thank God for this blessing.

 Second, to use this energy for a good purpose.

Like the sun, we, the children, are truly the shining hope of the future. I call on everyone present, to join me in making children, particularly the TLC students, the shining hope of the future.

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